New Classes! And new things!

Us here at Bodhi SUP are very excited to say that we have more classes for you! Here is our class schedule on google calendar--[click it!]  But to give you the run down, we've added 2 more yoga classes, one is Monday morning at 9am, and the other is Wednesday at 9am--both these classes are at River Creek Park-- and then we've changed times on our Pilates class from 12pm on Tuesdays to 10am so you can get there easier! (For some reason that time slot works far better with far more people!) And our new yogi, Allie, will be teaching the morning Monday and Wednesday classes--we're excited to have her, she just returned from India where she was on a 6 week long yoga retreat! We're all very excited to see what she has learned and experienced! She's pictured below-- read more in our yoga section! allie